100. Double Mountain Brewery – Devils Kriek Draft

After spending the afternoon enjoying all of the great beers that Full Sail had, I was almost ready to call it a night.  However, I wanted to try as many different beers as I could on this trip.  So, I stopped at Double Mountain brewery, which was literally right around the corner, and was actually started by a former brewer from Full Sail.  The brewmaster and one of the owners, Matt Swihart, also owns a cherry orchard, and uses some of his cherries to make this Belgian beer.

It had a dark color with some ruby colors slightly noticeable.  However, it was pretty dark in there.  There was not head and almost no carbonation bubbles in it.  The aroma from the cherries was immediately noticeable.

It had a light-medium body and despite the lack of noticeable carbonation, it had a tingly tartness when it hit my tongue.  The cherry flavor was very noticeable, with a sweetness up front followed by a sour cherry tartness in the finish.

I wouldn’t pair this beer with a food, as it is really meant to enjoy its flavor on its own.  Overall, I thought it had a good sweet cherry flavor and slight tart sourness, but it should be an even smaller serving.  Even in this 10oz serving, the flavors were starting to fatigue my tastebuds, and at 9% ABV, it has plenty of kick.

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