114. Full Sail Brewing – Saison a Pleine Voile Draft

After a long day brewing, and a fun day at the Oregon Brewers Festival Brewmasters Dinner, one of the guys from Full Sail took me to the EastBurn, a pub there in Portland.  It was a cool place with some nice Oregon beers on tap, and after trying the Deschutes Miss Spelt, I was brought a Full Sail Saison a Pleine Voile.  I was told it meant, Saison of Full Sail in French.  Since I thought the Miss Spelt tasted a bit like a Saison, I was ready for a real Saison.

When it arrived it was hazy and had a yellowish-orange tint to it.  The head was thin, but creamy.  I noticed some light bready, lemony, and malty aromas.

It had a light body and had a bit of a tingly mouthfeel with a good amount of carbonation in it.  I first noticed a bit of a lemon-malt flavor, and in the aftertaste, it was a bit of a peppery clove flavor.  It was a lighter flavor than I was expecting for a Saison, but perfect for a hot night on the patio.

If I had to pair this with a food, I think it would go very well with some shrimp on the grill.  I think the lemon and clove flavors would complement the lemon and buttery flavors well.  Overall, this was a pretty good beer for a hot summer night in Portland.

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