116. The Bruery – 7 Grain Saison Draft

After the morning’s festivities from the brunch and parade to tapping the first keg and sipping on the Super Jube, it was time to start trying some beers I could only get in that part of the country.  I had watched a Basic Brewing Video from last year’s GABF, and one of the people had talked about some great beers from The Bruery, so I thought I’d give theirs a try first.  They brought their 7 Grain Saison.  For each of the beers I had at the Oregon Brewers Festival, I took a picture of each beer next to all of its technical info and description as seen here so you can find out more without me filling this space with it.

It was a pale yellow color and had a creamy, bright white head on it.  The aroma was very light and a bit lemony.

When I took a drink, it had a very light body and was crisp and very drinkable.  It had a light, sort of light floral/lemony flavor up front, followed by a very slight spiciness.

This beer was light enough that it would go with almost any food.  In particular, it would probably go well with some light fish dish.  Despite the complexity of ingredients, I didn’t find it to be an overly complex tasting beer.  Overall, it was a surprisingly light and crisp, making it a very good beer for a hot day like today.

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