33. Brauerei Göss – Gösser Dark Beer

Brauerei Goss Gosser Dark Beer Munich DunkelYes, I’ve been traveling a ton these past few weeks, I’ve got a project that is last second preparation for a big meeting, so it’s forced us to jet set around the country. Today, we’re in Miami, and on the way to the airport, we searched the GPS for brewpub and found Fritz and Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables. The menu was full of German and Austrian food and biers.

I didn’t recognize several of the beers, but I felt like a darker beer, so I went with the Gösser Dark Beer from Austria. It was delivered along with a small 12 oz mug. When I poured it, it had a nice creamy white head which turned into a nice ring of tight bubbles around the top of the glass. It was a dark reddish brown in color and was clear.

It had a sweet malt smell with a faint aroma of hop skunkiness. The body was very light and had a clean and crisp taste. I noticed the malty sweetness primarily, but there was a very slight bit of hops noticeable in the dry finish.

It was light and had a good flavor, making it a refreshing beer after running around working all morning. However, I was a little put off by the slight hop skunkiness (which I noticed before I noticed that it came in a green bottle).

All in all, it was a pretty good beer to try and would make an OK session beer. It would go well and compliment the heavy German meals served at the restaurant.

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

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