53. O’Fallon Brewery – Hemp Hop Rye Amber Ale

OFallon Brewery Hemp Hop Rye Amber AleIt’s Friday afternoon, and I wanted to go for something fun to kick the weekend off. So, when I reached into the beer fridge. I grabbed an O’Fallon Hemp Hop Rye Amber Ale. On the label, it says that it is a ,”Malt Beverage Brewed With Hemp Seeds.”

when I poured into the glass, it had a fairly small head, which disappeared quickly, and not much of a head stuck around at all. It was pretty cloudy and had a dark amber color.

The smell was a little malty and musty. It wasn’t too strong, but the smell reminded me a bit of an old musty dishrag. The body was almost medium and the mouthfeel was a tiny bit sharp and crisp.

It seemed like there wasn’t much taste to it at first. The only real taste I picked up on was in the finish. Much like the smell, the taste was a bit musty and leathery and it reminded me a bit of a farmhouse ale. The were some very slight lemony and hoppy notes as well. It seemed to finish pretty dry.

Based upon the name, I was expecting something complex and interesting, but I thought it was fairly bland and flat tasting. As far as a food pairing, it might go best with a burger or pizza. Unfortunately, I had some high expectations for this beer and was left a bit disappointed at it’s lack of flavor.

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