101. Full Sail Brewing – Dunkopple Draft

It was another incredible day at Full Sail Brewing. Today I helped out in the cellar area, cleaning, moving hoses, transferring beer, transferring yeast, etc. Then I got to move back up to the brew deck to help brew the IPA – including dumping in over 260 lbs of hops (and those were just the hops added at the end of the boil). Since brewmaster Jamie Emmerson had sat down with me yesterday and gone over all of Full Sail’s brews, today we just had a few beers to cool off after a long day. I chose to go with the Dunkopple, their “Brewers Share” beer where they let someone working there develop a recipe and brew it at their 20bbl brewhouse in Portland (where I’m headed tomorrow). This Dunkle came from the Lab Supervisor, Kristy Holsopple, thus the name, Dunkopple. (I was also told that Kristy and her husband are super-avid homebrewers and apparently have a pretty kick butt system at home). It uses Mt. Hood and Citra hops, is 5.2% ABV, and has 25 IBUs.

It was dark brown in color and had a nice creamy head when it arrived. When held up to the light, it was clear and brown, like looking through the glass of a beer bottle. It had a nice malty aroma to it.

When I took a drink, it had a nice light body, and was very drinkable. It had a light caramelly, almost nutty, flavor and was crisp and refreshing.

Overall, this was a very good beer. It was light, crisp, and refreshing after a day of working in the brewery, but it had a nice full flavor to it. I didn’t have this with food, but I bet it would go great with some caramelized onions on a steak.

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