579. SanTan Brewing Co. – Mr. Pineapple Wheat Beer

579. SanTan Brewing Co. - Mr. Pineapple Wheat BeerI’m still on medication since my heart surgery, which limits my beer intake, and it’s why I haven’t had many posts lately. But it was such a gorgeous day, I had to crack open this beer. As with other beers from this brewery – including Sex Panther Chocolate Porter and Rail Slide Imperial Spiced Ale, I got this beer in the mail from the brewery. Thank you for sending this one.

The can says, “Mr. Pineapple was conceived for SanTan Brewing Company’s annual luau day. Fresh pineapple juice is added to a traditional wheat beer during fermentation to add a refreshing tropical flavor to this fruity ale. The pineapple is balanced with a firm malt character and a slightly spiced hint of clove. Mr. Pineapple is the perfect way to beat the Heat on a warm summer day!”

Location: In a can and poured into a tall hefeweizen glass at my home in Bloomington, IL.

Numbers: 5% ABV, ~ 170 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: It started with a huge foamy head, which fell after a few minutes, to just a thin head across the top. It’s very hazy and orange in color. There’s a lot of carbonation in it, releasing a bready-wheaty aroma.

Taste & Feel: The body is light, but the mouthfeel is somewhat creamy from the head and carbonation. The initial flavor is slightly sweet, bready and yeasty with some hints of fruitiness. The fruitiness grows in the middle and finish, but the bready-yeasty flavor dominates throughout. The pineapple flavor is light, but noticeable only in the finish and lasts for a brief time – with the bready-yeasty flavors – in the aftertaste.

Food Pairing: This was a fairly neutral beer with mostly bready-yeasty flavors and only a bit of citrusy pineapple flavors in the finish. Therefore. I think it makes a great pairing for spicy, but lighter Mexican food dishes. In particular, I would have loved to have had some spicy fish tacos with this beer.

Overall Impression: Fruit beers are often hit-or-miss, as you never know how strong the fruit flavors are going to be. I wasn’t exactly sure how pineapple juice would mix with beer, but it actually turned out pretty good. The pineapple flavors only came through a little bit in the finish and aftertaste, with the Bready yeasty flavors dominating. As I sat outside on this hot day, I really enjoyed this beer, as did my wife, who asked for the second can after trying this one. I only wish I had some fish tacos to enjoy with it.

My Rating: ★★★½☆

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