706. Bur Oak Brewing – Trail Bender Wheat

706. Bur Oak Brewing - Trail Bender WheatAfter having a Nala Dog IPA from Mother’s Brewing at Quinton’s, our next stop was Addison’s in downtown Columbia, MO. They had beer from another local brewery on tap – Bur Oak Brewing. This was the only beer on tap from this brewery, and my friends informed me it was a relatively new production brewery in town.

Location: On tap and served in a shaker pint glass at Addison’s in downtown Columbia, MO.

Numbers: 4.8% ABV, 35 IBUs, 2 SRM, 12 Plato OG, ~110 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: It was a pale yellow color and somewhat hazy. There was a thin, somewhat creamy, bright white head on it that fell after a minute or two and didn’t leave much lacing. The aroma was very light with some bready-wheat aromas and hints of citrus hops.

Taste & Feel: The body was light and the mouthfeel was slightly crisp. The flavors up front were lightly bready-wheaty with a light citrus note. In the middle, these flavors were joined by a little bit of hop bitterness and some coriander-like spiciness. a little bit more of the hop bittereness came through in the finish, with some citrus and lightly grassy notes. The aftertaste was lightly bready and citrusy and faded rather quickly.

Food Pairing: This beer had light and subtle flavors, which I think would pair nicely with the delicateness of a salad. However, as a contrast, I think this would also go with spicy foods to help knock down some of the spices.

Overall Impression: This beer reminded me much more of a wit than an American wheat beer, especially with the light citrus and coriander flavors. The light crispness through me a bit, since I was expecting a bit more creaminess from a wheat beer. It was very light and drinkable, and would be nice on a hot summer day, but I would have preferred a bit more traditional American wheat approach. Overall, it wasn’t bad, and it didn’t discourage me from trying their other beers, but it’s not likely one I’d go for again.

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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